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Our goal is for every organization to reach its full potential. You are excited about changing the world, and accelerating progress on your mission. We have the tools to help you make that happen


We’ve Been There Before 

The Best Processes
Are Both Inspirational And Practical

High performing organizations share a number of attributes. One, is having a blueprint or roadmap that accurately accesses the current status of the organization, and next steps in accelerating progress on its mission.

You need…
  • Finding a CEO and developing a transition plan
  • To develop an effective vision, strategy and plan
We Make
This Happen.
In the end…
  • The leadership transition is successful
  • Planning becomes an integral part of the organization’s management system
Case studies

Years Of Expertise
In Many fields.

Strategy & Planning

Ned Breslin

Chief Executive Officer
Tennyson Center for Children

"Raylene truly transforms organizations. I marvel at the work she has done at the Tennyson Center for Children – from building and strengthening the leadership team, to re-imagining our Board of Directors and much more."

Leadership and Transition

Lauren Arnold

Chief Executive Officer
The Adoption Exchange

“Trying to create an effective leadership transition strategy for a legacy leader and founder. Raylene helped the Board in identifying the organization needs and defined a process to move us forward.”

And Many More Clients

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Our founder

Raylene Knows How To
Accelerate Progress On
Your Mission!

Raylene gained her insights into effective strategy,
planning and organizational development through
extensive leadership and management experience.

2005 – Present

19 years


Decatur & Company

2006 – Present

18 years


Kittleman & Associates

1995 – 2004

9 years

President & CEO

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

1990 – 1995

5 years

Chief Operating Officer

Maryland Science Center

1988 – 1990

2 years

Director of Exhibits

Academy of Natural Sciences