What We Do

We accelerate organizational outcomes by designing and implementing impactful processes that advance leadership transitions and strategic dialog.


We work with Boards and CEOs for organizations ranging
from start-ups to mature organizations with over 100
million dollar annual budgets

Our Specialty

Strategy & Planning

Our goal is to assist you in working more effectively. We provide advice and counsel to make every aspect of the project more effective, efficient and productive.

  • Our focus is working with groups, and facilitating conversations to discover the important and often unasked questions.
  • Our work develops alignment, supporting your Board and staff in creating a shared perspective on the future. This alignment reinforces shared values and vision, and also focuses attention on the opportunities to improve results and performance today, and in the future.
Attributes and values are as important as skills when seeking a new CEO. Supporting an organization’s culture during a leadership transition fosters greater alignment and success.

Strategy & Planning Case Studies

Strategy planning clients
  • Denver’s Early Childhood Nathan Yip Foundation
  • National Office and Board of Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District
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Our Specialty

Leadership Transition

Successful transitions to new leadership require clear focus on the organization’s current status, stage in its lifecycle, strategic imperatives and market conditions. Then all of these factors must be used in identifying the skills, attributes and experience required in the next Chief Executive Officer.

  • We arrange a clear plan and timeline, for the entire leadership transition, search, and on boarding processes.
  • We provide consistent communication, for the entire regarding this transition and how this change in leadership support the future vision.
  • We support boards and search committees, for the entire as they chart the course for a successful leadership transition.
The success of a nonprofit organization is determined primarily by the leadership capabilities of, and close partnership between, its governance and management teams.

Leadership Transition Case Studies

Leadership Transition Clients
  • Big Brother Big Sister of Colorado
  • Carnegie Science Center
  • The Adoption Exchange
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After completing over 40
CEO searches since 2006…

We have the experience to coach and support
organizations though out the most important work a
board will ever undertake!

Our time tested formula

Our Approach

We ask probing questions to identify the unique opportunities and
challenges facing your organization. Then, we design processes
supporting your emerging strategies, and the execution of the
resulting plans to achieve your desired results.

Client Testimonials

Jane Ingalls

Face it Together

“Raylene brings experience, strategic thinking and clarity to non-profit teams who want to recruit the right leader to their team or evolve their business strategy. Nonprofit leaders rely on her for thoughtful, strategic and candid counsel that will propel their organizations forward.”

Dave Ryan

Chief Executive Officer
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado

“The process was extraordinarily professional, smoothly run and made me think more highly of the organization I was considering. Since taking the job, Raylene’s advice and counsel has continued, and she’s become one of my key coaches, helping to ensure my success well after the hiring process came to an end.”